Another Success in Sobriety…

Happy New Year to all of you! I think in Life its necessary to celebrate Success, especially In Sobriety…

As I sat in the parking lot waiting to go in and take my test, I looked across the street and saw a graveyard.  Thoughts of my life raced through my mind from teenage life until now. I said out loud, Thank you God I am here. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to overcome the chaos, confusion and dysfunction in my life that led to self medication of substances for so long….

I watch Joyce Meyer almost every morning.  Her words then came to light from a recent show.  She said that when we put the effort in and work hard to achieve something then God will pick up the slack or rather give us the help to accomplish when we ask.  Well, I sure as heck had put in studying with books, pre-tests, daily podcast that were Exam reviews, I wrote down the questions, re wrote the right answers and I truly felt I had done everything I could humanly do to pass.  I was diligent in studying for this.

 I know all too well the saying, “Faith without works is dead.” 

So, I spoke out loud to God and told him I had done everything I could do, and needed the slack picked up by him.  I had a peace about walking in and taking the test. After reviewing and going back over the questions that I questioned I finally clicked the submit button. It asked again if I was sure I wanted to submit.  I clicked yes.

The screen went blank and then came back up stating I had passed!

I can not explain the Joy that I was overcome with.  I was so excited I started to cry. I tried to hug the test proctor and she explained she could not hug me. I called my family and those close to me that were awaiting the call of pass or fail.  I was and continue to be grateful for my tribe of people.  

Some who read know me well and some of you may be reading for the first time. I don’t really speak about the past as I have so much going on in the present. I will share though why this PASS was such a huge moment in my life. I have come a hell of a long way over the past 10 years.  Actually this time 10 years ago I was preparing for my Federal sentencing from after 2 trials was found guilty for facilitating a drug crime with the use of a communications device. The journey over the past 10 years has been amazing.

My past does not define me.

Yes, I am a convicted felon but that is so minimal and something I don’t even think about. I have a Level 2 background check clearance, I am a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator, I am a Professional Interventionist, a Recovery Coach and now, I am an Addiction Counselor!

  After Hurricane Michael I moved to Pensacola. I moved for a few reasons but mainly to accomplish getting the supervised hours I needed to submit for being a Counselor. It has been a trying year to say the least. I would actually say since 2017 it has been trying. I was able to overcome and work through what I thought was defeated. Having “friends” those around me that I once considered even family trying to throw bricks for whatever reason.( I still do not know) and it does not matter because of all the efforts of them throwing bricks,  I used them for good. My foundation of neatly stacked bricks are sealed together with Faith, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Consistency, Love and Growth. I have a solid foundation that I can stand proud on. I went to church yesterday and I have to be honest besides right before Christmas, it has been a long time since I walked into the Lord’s house. The peace I felt and serenity is indescribable. I personally do not feel you have to go to church to have a relationship with God. But, when you are in a place that provides you peace when you walk in, you can not be wrong in choosing to be there.  Something resonated with me while the preacher was speaking. He said, God does his best work when we are waiting. Reflecting on this past year, I can truly agree with that statement. I am so excited about what this year holds for helping others. I am truly grateful for my sobriety and more important I am grateful for the Faith that has grown for God.

May the angels above surround you all with hugs, kisses and love!

Amy C.

By Amy Elizabeth Cooper

My name is Amy and Thank You for visiting. I believe in Miracles as I am one. I have a strong Faith in God that was instilled in me at a young age, and looking back I was kicking and screaming in my early teen years on the inside as being "Religious" wasn't the "thing" to do or be for me. God had a plan and I am grateful he did not give up on me! His patience with me persisted and by his Grace I am here to share with you my life. My Recovery over the past 10 years has been one of Gratitude and more importantly Growth. My recovery has evolved as it has become crystal clear to me that Sobriety is so much more than not picking up the drugs to "self medicate". IT has been the work to unveil the many underlying issues. The REAL Recovery has come from knowing who AMY is, and working through codependency, people-pleasing, narcissistic behaviors, and yes, EGO. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I have learned that FAITH - Faith, Acceptance,Integrity, Tenacity, & Honesty can bring us to lifelong Recovery. Lifelong, which only has to be lived One day at a time....Thank you for letting me share, Godspeed! Amy C.

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