The Chaos and Confusion Carousel…Is it time to get off?


Who is still riding on the Chaos and Confusion Carousel?

Who is being “Allowed” to stay and keep your life chaotic and confused?  Rather who are YOU ENABLING to overstep your boundaries?? 

 Do you know what the word “Boundaries” means?  My definition for boundaries is a healthy fence around my mind, heart and soul.

News Flash people, you are actually equipped with an on and off switch. 

 I know, I know…who the heck knew that even existed!!! 

This is where it began….The craziness for me around age 13 or so….

 So, the Holidays are here and what are your plans?  What has the past year looked like for you? Are you STILL on the Chaos and Confusion Carousel  going in circles with no end insight? Are you confronted daily with the horse’s ass right in front of you?

Round and Round Carousel?

Almost 20 years of riding the Carousel

With my Intervention Hat on at this moment I have to say this year working with families has been a doozy.  The magnitude of families NOT doing something because of their underlying fear of the role of caretaker being taken away… WOW. Every single excuse on the books recorded for sure.  When I speak to families and we discuss how to move forward I get a zillion questions on what if ? why then? how is that? Before I even get the chance to answer they are answering it for me. 

You see we as human beings, it is in our nature that change is uncomfortable. We don’t like change.  

Whether it is the narcissistic spouse, jerk off boss or colleagues, gossiping friends (who lets face it, if they are talking about others to your face, what are they saying behind your back), or the dramatic family…This has become your “new normal”.  

Yes, your fear of change is keeping you in chaos and confusion.  Your fear of change is keeping you miserable. Your fear of change..Well, your fear is keeping you on the carousel. 

So, the Million dollar question?  How do I get off the carousel? How can I ride my horse into the sunset and live happily ever after?  Eigh…We don’t really want to live in a fairytale do we? I mean in life it isn’t perfect but the beauty is we get the opportunity to learn, grow, fail and train every day for it!  Life is what we make it and frankly I took my horse off the carousel a while ago.

No more Carousel!


Well, I have a Higher Power which is God and I surrendered. I told God, I can be a hot mess more times than not, but I am ready to do life different.  In the beginning almost 10 years ago I said it daily…Now, well maybe weekly. I have been a people pleaser for my whole adult life and part of my teen, well, heck my whole life.

People pleasing only fills us with resentments, which lead to relapse. 

Codependency is great for those we are dependent on, but no good for us. I no longer worry who likes or dislikes me. I no longer worry if I am being spoken to,or being invited to the next party. I surely don’t worry about those who speak about me. I don’t stress about how many people are my friends on social media outlets or how many like my pages.  I am focused on pleasing God. I am focusing on the next right thing, I am focusing on my girls, my family, and my career. I am grateful for what I have. I have truly lived these past few years in huge growing pains. I am settled in my soul. I know who I am and more importantly know who I am not. You have the chance right now! You do not have to wait till next year to get off the carousel of chaos and confusion, you can actually get off today, tonight, right now is when you can begin! 

Life is short and tomorrow isn’t here. Enjoy the “present” today! The gift from God.

May the angels above surround you all with kisses, hugs, and lots of love. Amy C.

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By Amy Elizabeth Cooper

My name is Amy and Thank You for visiting. I believe in Miracles as I am one. I have a strong Faith in God that was instilled in me at a young age, and looking back I was kicking and screaming in my early teen years on the inside as being "Religious" wasn't the "thing" to do or be for me. God had a plan and I am grateful he did not give up on me! His patience with me persisted and by his Grace I am here to share with you my life. My Recovery over the past 10 years has been one of Gratitude and more importantly Growth. My recovery has evolved as it has become crystal clear to me that Sobriety is so much more than not picking up the drugs to "self medicate". IT has been the work to unveil the many underlying issues. The REAL Recovery has come from knowing who AMY is, and working through codependency, people-pleasing, narcissistic behaviors, and yes, EGO. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I have learned that FAITH - Faith, Acceptance,Integrity, Tenacity, & Honesty can bring us to lifelong Recovery. Lifelong, which only has to be lived One day at a time....Thank you for letting me share, Godspeed! Amy C.

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