There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.
Malcolm X..

I may not agree with everything Malcolm stood for, but respect that he stood firm for many things.

Adversity …my life for so very long..Pulling most of my head out of my ass so I could face reality 8 years ago was a wake up call.. Most of you know my story, so I won’t rehash. I actually don’t talk much about where I have been, because I have so much to talk about as to where I am going. Life on life’s terms and the growth from year 7-8 has been the biggest thus far.

Standing on my own, solely relying on Faith in God and his Grace has shown me a new life for sure this past year.

9 times out of 10 I have stepped in to poo of fear and 10 times out of 10 God has cleaned it up and wiped it all away as he has shown he is in control as long as I let go and allow him to lead, guide and direct. I have said over the past 7 years that I am sober.

I have come to realize this year it’s so much more.
It is Recovery.

I am in Recovery and am Recovered every 24 hours. Loving myself and learning to accept love has been the biggest hurdle I have jumped. Allowing people in and learning to trust has been a accomplishment I am proud of this year. Not all people are assholes and not all people are out to hurt me. That is my ego talking for sure.

It’s not all about me, and I’ve figured that one out too. Thank you God!

My perception of reality is different than yours and that is what makes the world go around. Who would want everyone to think the same way, and do the same things? The beauty I have found on this past year’s road to recovery is that I am human, unique and what works for me may not work for someone else. My mind has become open to other options to Recover as well. For some it is mental, others physical but we all share the same in that it is for us all Spiritual. Spiritual is not showing up to the church every time the doors are open and claiming your Religion. Spiritual is not judgement, deceit, gossip or “pretend” living. Spiritual is surely not the front people put up on social media either. No. Spiritual is loving, kind, transparent, forgiving, humbling, grateful open minded, willingness, and responsible. It is being open to new ideas and open to what brings us closer to a Higher Power.

Mine is God.

Yours may be the grains of beach sand and I am not here to judge as God is everywhere in everything.
This year I have learned about necessity and what it takes to live, not just survive. Anyone can survive, the true lesson we are to learn is to live.

Live in the moment!

Accept what is right in front and not future trip for tomorrow. Knowing that all that is ahead is already taken care of will bring a peace that I have truly lived and experienced this year. I have spoken my needs and have put not only the Faith but the works behind what needs to happen. This year my growth has been learning to be still and know if I do everything I can, it will happen!

Having Faith in knowing I will not only survive but thrive has been such a accomplishment.

Now, I have so many to give credit to for this. I have been blessed to have met and worked with some amazing professionals, and personal new friends. I have overcome self defeat and even though I am still hard on myself, my stubborness for success has paid off.

Now, success for me may be different than success for you.
Everyone has their own goals.

Recovery is not just lived, it is a experience that is 24 hours at a time.
Recovery is lessons, it is failures, it is love, it is defeat, it is forgiveness, it is accomplishments. Recovery is Real. Some days it seems to be real hard and other days it’s easy peasy. Recovery is a ride with highs and lows. It is death, it is new life. I have heard some very wise speakers say getting sober is the easy part, it’s the Recovery that is a challenge.

Are you up for the challenge?

What are you needing to recover in your life?

Is it as simple as your attitude or as severe as a heroin addiction? It all ties together just like the mind, body and soul. All have to be in sync to have the peace, love and joy we as humans desire. You don’t have to be a addict or alcoholic to be in Recovery.

You just need that spark of desire to live.

Recovery is amazing and I speak with people daily who ask me how I do it. Well….God, Gratitude, Humility, Life, Love and Family….Living one day at a time and self love…and patience with self. Realizing my self worth and allowing myself to grow thru the chaos and confusion that I am at times confronted with. Making meetings, working with others and being available for my loved ones. Hard work, perseverance and letting others know how I feel. Communication and pausing when I want to explode. I also am grateful for my stubborness because at times it is what drags my butt out of bed in the am. There are so many reasons I would list…
Just knowing I am alive and have been given the opportunity to live though sums it up nicely with a big red bow. I am so excited to see what my life holds for this next year…

Recovery..Its my life and I love living it!

May the angels above surround you all with hugs, and much love…May you live each day in fulfillment….Amy C.

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