Happy 5th Birthday Faith at the Beach…

Happy Birthday to Faith at the Beach today. We have worked hard for the past 5 years to do the next right thing; to grow; to prosper; to learn as we work thru the process of becoming a nurturing and thriving organization. We have helped many people and look humbly to helping many more. Sadly, we have lost those we loved to this disease of addiction. We have also seen many continuing to have yearly sobriety dates. We have rejoiced with families and we have mourned as well. We have gone thru hell and back and we have met death on its door steps with patients and fought the battle face to face with some of the most horrible situations that the addict placed themselves in. We have been criticized and condemned by those not understanding this disease as well as those who wanted to take advantage and harm. We have picked ourselves up, held our head up high and walked one step at a time to continue moving forward. We have fought the demons of addiction and will continue daily as we grow with education and more importantly life experiences. We have kept the Faith even though many times it seemed smaller than the mustard seed. We have had support from those wanting to help others even if to sit and hold one’s hand. As of today, we have gratitude in being a part of over 200 women and men’s lives as they battled this disease. We do not boast as we are a organization who helps and cheers on the sidelines and behind the scenes. We share our numbers only to let you know we are steadily consistent in our mission. We have made honest mistakes in going to great lengths to help those who need it. Life is a process and we are willing to live it on the terms that are presented whether we like it or not. We have Faith in our higher power who is God as we know that we were founded to help those ready to help themselves. Mistakes will be made, and we can take responsibility for them as we trudge the road to happy destiny. We want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of those who continue to lift us up in prayer and continue to support this mission as we daily continue to support others. We are grateful, we are strong and we will survive, one precious day at a time. Godspeed and Gratitude to all….Amy C.