1B10667A-7140-425B-BD31-05F792308A54Christmas is here and this year is coming to an end.  My, how time flies the older I get. I remember being younger and thinking the world was moving at snail speed, and now I blinked and we are here at the end of 2017.  This year has been one of the best and worst for me.  I have grown, I have loved, I have lost, I have stalled, I have matured, I have stood on my own, I have stood alone, I have regressed and progressed if that makes sense.  I see though at the end of the day I have what matters inside and out.  I have my sobriety, I have my health, I have my girls, I have my dreams and ambitions and believe it or not I have my sanity.  I have had loved ones removed out of my life, and new loved ones placed.  I have been betrayed and I learned to trust, again.   I have been shunned and I have been saved.  I have made new friends and laid old ones to rest.  I have grown and I have learned to be grounded. I have made honest mistakes and have made great strides.  I will not let my past define me and though I have been saying that now for over 7 years…This year it is truly so far back not even a magnifying glass could find it.  I am human and still strain to see ahead.  My vision seems at times to be getting worse.  I am sure this is from straining.  When I speak in terms of vision is it do with my “future tripping” mind set.  I can not tell you how many times in the past 12 months I was determined to do it “my way”.  Then, God comes thru again for the millionth time to tell me, “Child I have you, stop trying to run the show because all you are doing is running deeper in the ground”.  I think my stubbornness has relentlessly for the most part surrendered.  In a good sense of the word.  I will always be stubborn as it is part of what drives me to be who I am. I will not give up. No matter who, what, where or when comes in or leaves my life, I will NEVER EVER GIVE UP.   As the holidays and this year are quickly ending I will look to reflect on the good, bad, ugly, and shiny. I will humbly make adjustments in my life, and welcome 2018 with open arms.  This is going to be an amazing year!  I can feel it.  I can thrive in knowing I am blessed in getting another 24 hours to do this life, one precious day at a time.  Godspeed, and May the angels above surround you with hugs, kisses and lots of love…Amy C.