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My name is Amy, and thank you for visiting my blog site.

Poor choices led to consequences of having my freedom revoked for a short time.
Over the course of my hiatus, I learned that “Honesty is the only foundation of Change.”

When I write, it is from the heart and the raw truth, which is hard for some. Forgiving and letting go to allow God to work in my life has at times been a struggle. One though I am learning to work through, one day at a time.


The Beauty

The beauty of all the bad I have lived is this: I now have a spiritual conscience and God’s Grace brought me back and better than I could have ever thought possible. We go through the storms to see the rainbows after. My life has been a storm for a while subjecting my family and friends to a lot of unnecessary drama. Now, the rainbow has shown its beautiful colors in my life! My Faith, I have brought back home, to the Beach. Look forward to sharing with you my life, trials, tribulations and hearing and praying about yours.
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Our Mission

“The mission of this FAITH-based organization is to promote life long sobriety from the disease of addiction through acknowledgement that FAITH is just one the many keys to one’s success.”   Our bible verse that our foundation will be built on is John 14:12 : “I tell you the TRUTH, anyone who has FAITH in me the evidence of the miracles themselves.”   God Speed to 2012, with much love—Amy C.

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